6 Things Every Man Should Know About Women

6 Things Every Man Should Know About Women

You men are famous for not wanting to show ignorance – especially when it comes to women. Whether it’s picking them up, dating or just understanding women it can be tough.

Do you really know what you need to know about women? Here are the basic secrets that every man needs to know about women to be successful in dealing with the ‘fairer sex.’ 

Be Confident Or Get Shot Down: All women, no matter what age or style they are, find confidence in a man a huge turn-on. They are attracted to confidence uncontrollably. Even if you aren’t confident, a little bravado can go a long way.

Pretending you’re more confident than you feel will eventually grow into real confidence- and will be irresistible to women. Being is believing. 

Know What You Want: Have a clear idea of what you want from women before talking to them. Dating is a much different approach than looking for a one-night stand, and some men make the mistake of being unclear. Women can read intentions and will react, but mixed signals are a waste of time for women. It’s also frustrating. 

Looking Good Is Key: Yes, it’s obvious. But many men neglect to pay attention to the details of their appearance- and it reflects in their lack of success with women. Women are very detail-oriented, from scanning clothes to noticing if your fingernails are clean.

You don’t have to spend a bundle on a new, expensive wardrobe but you do have to take care of the basic hygiene rules, fellas. Also never forget a good cologne can improve your looks subconsciously. 

Don’t Monologue, Dialogue: Many men are so nervous or focused on impressing women they go on and on about themselves. Their own good qualities. Women love talking and sharing, and get easily bored with a one-sided conversation.

Don’t just ask questions for the sake of asking- actually listen to women and be interested in what they have to say. Nothing will chase women away like coming off as an ego maniac or a selfish jerk. 

Read the Signals and React: Is she making eye contact with you? Touching her hair? Yawning? Being aware of a woman’s body language, and reacting to it properly will make you both more comfortable. If she takes a step back, give her the space. If she touches you lightly on the hand, wait a bit and touch hers. Don’t overdo or underdo eye contact- too much and you’re staring, too little and you’re insecure. 

Don’t Choke: Follow up. A lot of men get a collection of phone numbers, and then panic. Part of dating isn’t just the first meeting, but being consistent. Men, women talk. The more of a gentleman you are the better your reputation with women.

Which increases your chances with women generally. It’s also great practice for you for enhancing your confidence and your own style. Women like knowing they’re attractive enough to get asked out- getting asked out on the second date is better.