All You Need To Know About Speed Dating

All You Need To Know About Speed Dating

It’s a norm that many people are being consumed by work or other responsibilities; hence they don’t have the luxury of time to go through the regular dating processes. And that is pretty much understandable.

This brings about what we all know as speed dating as more and more people have turned to it to find love. It’s basically a fast way to meet people who share common interests with you and also a good means of expanding your social circle.

It isn’t really hard and even better, it isn’t time-consuming as well. Most of the impression you leave on someone is how you look, what you say and how you say it. Easy peasy.😉In this article, you will learn the eight main rules when it comes to speed dating, read on.

Eight Main Rules About Speed Dating

1. Keeping Positive About The Event

It is always best to have a good mood towards a speed dating event and believe that you will find the right one eventually. Being yourself and just decide to have fun and will help you make positive connections with the special person you are searching for.

It’s important to do this happily and freely, only focus your mind on the positive outlook of the future. Don’t ever think of the undesirable outcome of the speed dating. I am not saying that you will succeed at your first date, you may fail; however, trust me, if you focus on the good outcome steady enough, you have one soon.

So go there looking your best and don’t let anyone discouraging you if that is what you truly want to do.

2. Going, Solo

Yes, that’s absolutely right. You go solo to a speed dating event. And importantly, you should not bring anyone at all. It’s a time to build connections, so leave your friends behind, or they could as well have a go at it.

The key is to draw attention to yourself and bringing someone else might as well ruin that and shift the attention to them instead. Remember to enjoy the time with your potential dates without distractions, be present.

3. Know You Are Going To Talk

You have to be ready to talk, and if you aren’t willing, this is probably not the best idea for you. And the rules of a speed dating event usually give the man the chance to ask questions first. So be prepared to answer them if you are a woman or dish out questions if you are a man.

You have to know this is not like any regular date and you need to be prepared to talk and ask questions. Also, you should avoid getting mad if you get asked the same question over and over again. I

t is a good way to start conversations and find a mutual liking and understanding. Check out the funny first date questions to ask men here.

4. Have Your Questions Ready

Basically know what you do want in a relationship. I can’t emphasize the importance of this point. And I know many people tend to ignore it. As they just go with the flow.

Sure, it’s not a bad idea when you go with the flow when it comes to having conversations. However, deep down, you must know what you really want!

So be firm with what you want in your relationship and prepare the questions accordingly. And as you know there would be a lot of talking involves, so get it ready based on the things you want. If you are not aware of this point before, check out this post about the 7 unspoken steps to find a perfect match here.

Remember that you shouldn’t go there without preparing your own questions. When you know what questions you want to ask, it will help to keep the conversation going and help to get the information you need to know that you are compatible.

5. Do Not Be Embarrassed

Everyone attending a speed dating event is there for a reason. So there should be no thought or notion to feel ashamed or embarrassed for being there. Remember that everyone deserve a chance to find true love. Time to relax your mind and don’t return yourself worked up before the actual event starts.

Even when being asked questions, do so confidently and boldly. You should have bought reason to lie just to please someone else and displease yourself so even if they don’t like you. It doesn’t matter for so many reasons such as the fact they might never see you again. It’s a great chance to train yourself to become a love magnet.

6. You Can Always Say No

This rule applies to all things, no exception for speed dating as well. Just as we mentioned above, you can always be true to yourself and not lie. This includes saying no to any offers made at you. This event gives people a chance to meet people who they are most compatible with and not just anyone who throws an over at them.

So if someone does, you can say no, and if someone says no to you, you should also be able to understand and respect their decision. Learn to become a girl or woman men want to date.

7. Ask For A Number Or Means Of Contact

If you feel the right vibe with a person; then you can always ask them for their number or a way of communicating with them when the event is over.

Don’t worry if you are taking the initiative as you never know where it could lead. Either a relationship or a really good friendship. Whichever it is, none is considered a loss.

So if you feel any connection towards someone, don’t hesitate to act on it because you might never see them again and you might never be able to forgive yourself.

8. Have Fun With it

Don’t take the event too and don’t be too hard on yourself. Your goal is to find someone to enjoy life together. If you can’t even enjoy the event for such a short period of time; how could you expect to enjoy your life?

So lighten up and try not to be too pressured into anything. It’s speed dating after all and just moves by in a flash. And if you look hard enough, you might just find a soul mate? You never know.


Speed dating isn’t what you have to bother yourself over and it’s an event you should enjoy going to. As you will likely meet your Mr.Right there.

Don’t worry too much. You can always find other ways to find a partner if this doesn’t work out for you, as there is no one size fits all. Don’t be pressured into doing anything and know that you have a right to reject or accept.

Also, it’s important to have a list of questions you’d like to ask to keep you prepared the best way possible.

Look your best and say your mind at all times. Don’t pretend to be someone you aren’t. We are confident that with all these tips, you can enjoy all there is about speed dating. Read more on how to impress a guy on the first date.

Do you like the above tips about speed dating? If you do, apply them when you go for your next speed dating and witness the positive changes that will happen to you. Meanwhile, don’t forget to share this article with anyone you care about and love!😍😍🙌🙌