Signs He Is Going To Propose: Dont Miss These 13 Signs

Signs He Is Going To Propose: Don’t Miss These 13 Signs

When a man wants you to be part of his future, it’s only natural for him to create a unique and romantic proposal for you. If you’ve been with him for a while, everyone is asking when you both will tie the knot and move the next stage of love.

Well, you might be shading these questions off while he is marking out a plan to give you the best proposal. In this article, you’ll learn the signs he is going to propose. 😍💓

13 Signs He Is Going To Propose

Finding out your partner’s intention to propose to you will help you in many ways. It will help you to put a few things in place before the day.

Here are 13 signs he is going to propose, have fun!

#1. He suddenly becomes interested in your jewelry

When your man suddenly finds a new interest in jewelry, especially the kind of stone you like, it is a sign he is going to propose soon.

You may find him checking out the kind of ring you wear or see pictures of different types of engagement rings on his phone. Or you may even catch him going through your jewelry box to be sure of the size of your ring.

He may joke with you about rings or throw a funny question, not wanting you to notice his intentions. Woman, take it seriously, it is a sign he is going to propose.

#2. He starts acting overly caring and romantic

When your man begins to shower you with love and physical attention more than ever before, don’t be scared.

You may not need to ask him why just enjoy the moment because it’s a sign he is going to propose. When a man wants to propose, he would want to keep the atmosphere romantic until the big day.

He just wants to do everything right without making any mistakes. He becomes overly affectionate and makes an effort to make you have a good feeling towards him.

#3. He makes himself your Papa’s new bestie

Now that he has found his way into your Papa’s heart and wants to go fishing or to golf with him. And most likely, they are indeed planning a big proposal behind your back.

When you hear things like “it’s men’s time,” something big is cooking.

#4. He wants to talk more about the future

A good sign he is going to propose is if he suddenly wants to commit.

He begins to talk about responsibilities and make plans for the future. And you may find most of your recent talks centered around future planning.

It seems that suddenly he is interested in talks about babies and places to take them to.

#5. He asks your opinion about an ideal proposal

Sometimes in your conversations, he might just chip in talks about what an ideal proposal should be.

Your partner might be trying to sample your opinion to know what he should make his plans look like, when he asks you this question, smile secretly because it’s the sign he is going to propose soon.

#6. Everyone around you begins to act weird

It can be confusing when everyone starts acting weird and sly. You are ignorant, but your friends already know what your man is planning.

For example, your younger brother sees you and giggle. Or his friends talk to you in a ‘wired’ way. And everyone is now acting all secretive and funny; they seem to know something that you don’t know.

So don’t be scared or confused. And this is just one of the signs your man is going to propose.

#7. He tries to reconfirm your favorites

When he is planning to pop the question, he wants to be sure of the things you love. Sometimes, your man might pretend that he has forgotten your favorite food, flower, music, or destination; in fact, he just wants to reconfirm them in a not subtle way.

Therefore, he would want to reconfirm so that he can know the best action to put up for the proposal. So keep an eye out because it is one of the good signs he is going to propose.

#8. He is next on the list

If all his friends have gotten engaged or married, he is feeling some pressure within him already.

Now you know he is going to be on his toes to settle down with you. Everyone that was once single around him is either married or engaged; then you know the time is getting closer as he would want to propose soon.

As your man will not want to be left out, he wants to belong to the same league as his friends.

#9. He is concerned about your looks

If he fixes you up for a manicure or a salon appointment, then you should anticipate a proposal.

He may decide to get you a new dress that goes along with his planned proposal, be happy and joyful. Embrace it because you are about to win yourself a huge rock.

#10. He feels the need to save more

Don’t be surprised when you see him trying to cut off a few things he initially planned to get.

It might be that he is actually trying to save up to get you the best engagement ring. You may see him cutting down on the expensive dinners and outings just to save up enough money to give you the best proposal.

If you ask him about it and he smiles it off,  then very likely, this is one of the signs he is going to propose.

#11. He becomes nervous around you

You may be surprised to find your man acting nervous. It may seem like a strange thing to you, but you should understand that a proposal is a big thing.

While planning a proposal, he is sure to have a lot in his head, and he may sometimes be unavailable trying to put things in place.

A sign that he is going to propose is that he may act unsettled or bothered. And when you confront him, he will show you the sudden nervousness.

#12. He prefers to spend time with you than his friends

Your man is finally ready to be a family man, and he is learning to do so by spending more time around you than his friends.

#13. He is eager to praise you in front of his Family

One of the critical signs he is going to propose soon as if he is eager to praise you in front of his family. He wants to get the confirmation again that he is making the right decision from his family.

Therefore, he is happy and excited to highlight your strengths in front of his family.

If you experience this, anticipate a rock on your finger soon…