The Five Types of Women that Scare Men Off

The Five Types of Women that Scare Men Off

How to Scare Men Off

We talk a lot about what men want here at Successful Online Dating. I know as a woman, that’s something I spend a fair amount of time thinking about personally, as well as for this site. We question, we research, and we read articles and books.

Sometimes I think we overlook the other side of the coin. If you are scaring a guy off in the first few dates, you will never get to know each other on a deeper level.

Do You Make Men Turn and Run?

There are a few generalized types of women that will make a man turn and run.

The “Biological Clock Ticking” Woman

When men think of ticking, they think of time bombs, about to explode. I understand the whole biological clock thing; I hear mine tick, sometimes louder than others.

What I don’t want is for the first words out of my mouth to be “So, do you want to impregnate me now, or after dinner?” Ok, that might be a bit extreme. However, for daters who are in the later years of fertility, some men will assume you are looking for motherhood more than a man.

The “I Need a Bellhop for My Baggage” Woman 

We all have baggage. It’s a fact; we collect   bits and pieces every day in life. However, when a man is confronted by a 15 piece matched set of luggage, they get a little frightened. While open communication is important, perhaps you could rent a storage space or get some counseling to help you pack lighter.

The “Just Add a Man” Woman

This kind of woman life would just be perfect if there was a man in it. I think about when I was 5 and got the Barbie dream house. I had Barbie, the pink Corvette, the dinette set, the double bed and even Skipper and the baby.

All I needed was Ken. That worked, because Ken is plastic. Real men don’t fit into a predefined mold that well. If you are just trying to fit a guy into a hole in your life, they will sense it, and hightail it.

The “Let’s Get This Party Started” Woman

Dancing on table tops is great for strip clubs. Not so great  as girlfriend material. While I have never heard a guy say, “Gosh, I just wish I could find a really boring girl,” most guys are looking for balance and some substance beneath the lampshade.

The “In Your Pocket 24/7” Woman

Also know as Static Cling Girl. It is so easy to want   to be around someone who makes you happy, and you enjoy spending time together. However, if you find yourself handcuffing the guy to you while he’s not looking, inviting yourself along to his weekly “Boys Night Out” or texting to see if he got the text you just sent and following that up with a voicemail, it might be time to back off.

Finding Balance

Everyone has some aspects of these women in them. However, finding the balance between your need to boogie down and your need to nest will help you get past the first few dates.