Top 50 Ways to Ask a Girl Out

Top 50 Ways to Ask a Girl Out

Some dates are just meant to be super special. Maybe you’ve had a crush on her for months and have just gotten up the courage to ask her out… Or maybe you’ve been dating for a while and are ready to make it exclusive or even ask her to move in. Or maybe you are ready to pop the big question.

Whatever the situation – a date like that deserves more than a cliche date invite! These significant moments in a relationship require thought, creativity and innovation. That’s why we’ve put together 50 of cute ways to ask a girl out.

We’ve even split our suggestions into three categories: funny, romantic and cyber (good ways to ask a girl out by text)… basically, we want to ensure that we meet the needs of the specific vibe you’re going for.

You might be a bit of a jack-the-lad, or you might prefer to do things with a great degree of sentiment and romance. Whatever floats your boat, we’re here to help out. 

Without further ado, here’s 50 cute ways to ask a girl out.

Romantic ways to ask a girl out

Create a candle trail 

Girls are generally suckers for a good old twinkling candle trail (extra bonus points if you buy scented ones). Light a candle trail from one room of your house to the next, throw in some rose petals, and lead your girlfriend-to-be to a room with you in it. Then – pop the question.

Write a note 

Write from the heart. You don’t have to be a mastermind when it comes to creativity (or writing) for this one. Leave your girlfriend-to-be a special note somewhere you know she will find it. Explain in the note how much you’ve enjoyed getting to know one another recently – maybe throw in your favourite memory so far – and then ask if she wants to make things official. These kinds of things make for great pieces of memorabilia in the future. 

Enjoy a candlelit dinner

Take her to her favourite restaurant (candlelit, of course), order her favourite dish and a bottle of wine, wait until you are both slightly tipsy and feeling super happy and fuzzy – then ask her out. She’ll most likely be delighted.

Wait for a special day

If a special day is coming up (like her birthday or a national holiday) coincide asking her out with it as a mini celebration.

Set up a treasure hunt

This is one for the technically minded and creatives out there. Create multiple riddles with clues and place them around the house. Have the last clue be for the question: ‘Will you go out with me?’

Cook her a fancy meal

Have your date come to yours and cook her a delicious and beautifully presented three-course meal with booze to go go. Get your taste buds tingling and then make it official.

Ask her out with food

Literally. Maybe make her pancakes and spell out ‘will you go out with me?’ in syrup – or better yet – use spaghetti hoops for the grand question. It’s a classic that always works.

Paint something

If you’re the creative type – why not paint or illustrate an image of you two together in a romantic and loving setting? Present it to her and pop the question.

Write her a poem

Yup. You don’t have to be Yeats or Keats to work this one out. Write her a poem (it can be ABAB rhyme scheme, don’t sweat) explaining how you feel. Throw in the question in the last line.

Buy her flowers

Nothing makes a girl happier than a bright and beautiful bouquet of flowers. Buy her favourite type of flowers and attach a small note to the bouquet asking her to be your girlfriend.

Write your request in the sand

Head to the local beach and write ‘will you go out with me in the sand?’ This is most Instagrammable thing you will probably ever do throughout the course of your relationship. 

Buy her a teddy bear

Buy her an adorable teddy bear and handwrite a tiny note for the bear to hold. Of course – the note will ask: ‘will you go out with me?’

Include balloons

Balloons are both aesthetic and incredibly fun to play with. Decorate your date’s bedroom with a disgusting number of balloons and balloon-shaped features. You could even spell out the words ‘be mine?’ in balloons. If she says yes, you’ll already be surrounded by the perfect decorations to celebrate. 

Bake her something sweet

Baked products and women have a long-lived connection. Bake something scrumptious and personalise your message on top.

Spell it out playing Scrabble

If you like board-games and are a bit of a wordsmith, this is the best suggestion for you. Get a game of Scrabble on the go and spell out the question when she least expects it. 

Put it on the big screen

If you’re not afraid of public displays of affection, you could contact your local cinema to see if they would display your message on the big screen during the intervals. Places actually do this for couples, so there is a big chance your local might just say yes (and hopefully she will to).

Write it in the skies

This is a super extra way to ask a girl out – but if you’re into the extravagant things in life – then this is perfect for you. Arrange for a plane to fly through the sky with your message attached. Your date is bound to be blown away by such a grand gesture.

Present her with jewellery 

Present your girlfriend-to-be with a beautiful piece of jewellery to pop the question. It may even be a piece that you know she has wanted for a while, or one that contains her birthstone.

Take her for a boat ride 

Take her on a boat along the local canal and admire the natural views. When the stars start to twinkle, ask her to be your girlfriend. 

Carve the message into a pumpkin

It’s a seasonally appropriate option, but it certainly works when Halloween comes around. Invite her over to carve pumpkins and carve ‘GF?’ into the pumpkin. 

Sing her a song

It’s all about using your talent (or lack of it) to be the most creative in your question. Write a song and sing it to her. If it’s terrible, at least she will know that you don’t take life too seriously and laugh along with you. And if she doesn’t – maybe find someone new.

Make her a sign

If you know her commute then make a bright and colourful sign asking her out and hold it up on her way to work.

Write it on a Starbucks cup

Head to Starbucks together and asl the baristo person to write the question on your date’s coffee cup. And get them to add extra sprinkles just for fun.

Use books

If she’s got a book on the go, try and leave her a note on one of the pages. Or, better yet, use her favourite book and cut words out of it to make a sentence describing how much she means to you.

Create the perfect date day

Make a day of the whole affair – that way it feels way more like a celebration. Plan dinner dates and an activity to make the day complete.

Put it in a fortune cookie

Yup, be the good fate she’s always wanted and write a ‘will you go out with me?’ note. Then, place it in a fortune cookie. Delicious and romantic. 

Get her a talking teddy bear

Yes – teddy bears can talk. Head to one of the build your own bear stores and buy her a bear who asks the question: ‘will you go out with me?” Maybe make sure that the bear is carrying a red love heart as well. 

Use your talents 

Are you musical? If you play a musical instrument – use it to your advantage. Write her a piece of music and then play it to her. Oh, and then ask her out – of course. 

 Make a crossword puzzle

If you are both fans of brain trainers and crosswords – make her a crossword puzzle with the question within it.

Buy her pizza and write it on the box

Yup. This one is simple but golden. Order her favourite pizza and then write on the box: Will you be my girlfriend or is this too cheesy?’ It’s guaranteed to work. 

Pick a place you know she loves

You’ll most likely know her favourite place in the world by now. Take her there and pop the question.

Say it with chocolate

The way to a girl’s heart is with chocolate. Whether it be a box of chocolates or a large heart-shaped slab – chocolate is the answer to your problems. And hopefully the answer to you getting a girlfriend.

Funny ways to ask a girl out

Make it pun-chy

It’s time to get creative with the English language and ask your date out in the most pun-tastic way possible. Basically, write her a note and include at least 5 puns in it relating to 5 different gifts you have bought her.

Cheesy pickup lines

Use cheesy pickup lines that will make her laugh. There’s heaps of them out there to demonstrate just how witty you are.

Do something from the movies

Take a scene from your favourite rom-com and totally butcher it. Okay… maybe not – but it’s definitely a good way to show you don’t take life too seriously. You know the scene in Love Actually between Kiera Knightley and Andrew Lincoln? Yeah… maybe do something ridiculous like that. 

Buy her a can of dates

Buy her a can of dates – and ask her if she wants one.

Make her a meme

If she’s a meme lover, create the perfect, hilarious meme to ask her out with. If she’s not a fan of memes… well – you’ve got a problem there.

Make a funny video

It’s time to let ge go of your pride and film yourself doing something ridiculous. Whether you’re telling silly jokes, flirting with the camera or staging a low-budget action movie – make her a hilarious film that she can always keep as memorabilia. 

Poetry – but make it funny

Poems don’t always have to be romantic declarations of love. You can write a poem with natural wit and humour any day of the week.

Love note – but make it funny

Again, loven otes don’t always have to be romantic declarations of love. Write a punchy and hilarious love note to pop the special question. 

Order her a singing telegram

Yup – these exist. This is a bold move, but if you’re pretty sure she feels the same way, deliver a singing telegram to her house and stand in the garden with some champagne. It’s bound to make her laugh.

Make it a Google calendar event

Perfect for those who love a bit of high-end organisation. Invite her to be your girlfriend via Google Calendar and see whether or not she responds with yes. 

Good ways to ask a girl out by text

Get your flirt on

Plenty of flirtatious messages and one-liners will leave her feeling charmed in no time..

Use emojis

Use plenty of emojis😀😍💐😊. We all love them, and they add plenty of colour and character to text messages. 

Keep it casual

You don’t have to go all in with an elaborate message declaring your love. Keep things simple by saying that you’re stuck inside and wonder if she wants to grab some food or take a walk in the park together. There are lots of great romantic dates you can do at home.

Don’t say the words directly

Try not to say the words ‘ Will you date me?’ directly over text. This might seem a bit forward, and when it’s written over text it can seem even more so. Try to ask without asking… if that makes sense.

Use GIFs

We all love a good GIF. Using GIFs throughout the course of your text messaging series will show that you’re cool enough to understand basic social media trends (yup) and that you’re in touch with your witty side. Let’s be honest – GIFs dramatically enhance the value of any conversation. 

Establish a tone

Oftentimes people find it difficult to understand tone through text. Is the person being funny, blunt, or flirtatious? Make sure you establish a decipherable tone for your date to pick up on. 

React appropriately

If she says yes, say you’re looking forward to spending time with her and organise an entire date day. If she says no, thank her for talking to you. It’s best to leave things on a good note over text – you never know when certain message might be held against you.  

Don’t reveal too much

It’s easy to get into lengthy discussions over text about one another – especially when things are going well. But it’s important to leave the best until you meet her in person. Don’t reveal too much of yourself to soon – it’s always nice to maintain a level of mystique around your character. 

So, there you have it. 50 ways to ask a girl out. Some are romantic, some are funny, and some are 100% cyber. Remember, asking someone out is never easy – even for the most confident of people. It’s all about figuring out a way that suits you both best. 

It’s time to get the girl of your dreams, so go!