10 Reasons A Married Man Falls In Love With Another Woman

10 Reasons A Married Man Falls In Love With Another Woman

Do you remember your wedding day, that point when you took your vows promising love, faithfulness, and commitment to one another?

How you and your spouse seemed indivisible by anything or anyone? It is heartwarming, isn’t it? And you may never believe your man would be unfaithful one day.

If you ever wondered why married men could fall in love with other women. Here, in this article, you’ll discover the top ten reasons a married man falls in love with another woman.

10 Reasons A Married Man Could Fall In Love With Another Woman

Maybe your spouse isn’t cheating on you right now, but you must know the reasons a married man could fall in love with another woman.

It may seem insignificant since you are not there yet, but trust me, understanding the possible reasons helps a lot. You can quickly identify the red flags in your marriage so that you can focus on the areas you need to pay more attention to.

Without further due, let’s look at the possible reasons why a married man could fall in love with another woman.

1. Emotional Satisfaction

Marriages like most things in life are in phases, and the emotional level fluctuates sometimes. There is a phase when couples have this emotional disconnection that they even begin to wonder if they were ever in love.

During these times, some men seek emotional satisfaction in other women. Alternatively, maybe you have been so busy that your partner feels boxed out, or you have other priorities at this point in life, which makes your partner feel that you begin to drift apart.

As a result, he may want to find the attention you aren’t giving somewhere else in another woman. And this is one of the top reasons why a married man could fall in love with another woman.

2. Strong Attraction

It is undeniable that there comes a time in our lives (even in marriage) when we met someone that we are so attracted to without understanding why. When a man meets a woman like this, who seems available and ready for love, they may want to test new waters.

Especially for those married men who have lesser interests in their wives, they have a high tendency to be drifting away. Hence, this also contributes to one of the reasons why a married falls in love with another woman.

3. Financial or Career Gain

Believe it or not, there are some powerful women out there with money, position, and power; they attract men to themselves without care for marital status.

Meanwhile, some men seek these powerful women to advance their careers and get financial rewards. This ambition can be the reason a married man falls in love with another woman.

4. To Boost Ego

To boost ego constitutes one of the top reasons why married men fall in love with other women. In some cases, it all starts as casual friendships; until men begin to bask in the euphoria of the attention and care from the other women.

At this time, the man begins to feel superior and engages with women to prove a point. If a man realizes that he’s still attractive, it can boost his ego. And this gives him a validation which he might not be getting from his wife often in his marriage. So he’ll keep it that way by having another woman.

5. Revenge

This is sad, but sometimes a married man falls in love with another woman for the sake of revenge. Couples should openly discuss their unhappiness or any marriage problems they face. If they try to sweep the issues under the carpet, they allow misunderstanding, resentment, or hatred to grow in them.

And if those problems are left unresolved for a longer time, it will inevitably lead to undesirable situations that could create negative impacts on the marriage.

Sometimes, when the situations are deteriorating, partners begin to do things to hurt each other. And of the common way to hurt another person is cheating. So one reason married men fall in love with other women is to cause their partners the pain.

6. To Break Monotony

The permanence of marriage eludes many couples when they are preparing to tie the knot. The monotony of being married can be too much for some men, for them, it is too rigid.

More so, when marriage gets too comfortable, it becomes boring that men begin to seek excitement outside their marriage. And this is a usual excuse for cheating. Therefore it’s essential to learn how to spice up your marriage.

7. To Have Fun

This is one of the reasons a married man falls in love with another woman. While some men feel happy in their marriage, they want more attention from other ladies.

Most times, the man involved can’t control his lust. It begins with frequent eye contact and a casual affair, which results in an issue eventually. Further, they don’t feel such action is wrong, and they call it fun.

To them, being married doesn’t mean that they can’t have fun too.

8. To Feel Safe

Women see men as bold, confident, and strong! But men need a place of solace, where they can talk about their plans and life’s issues.

Indeed, men are vulnerable too. If you mock him or call him a coward when he confides in you, he won’t trust you with his issues anymore. But if he finds happiness in someone else, it’s a catalyst for extramarital affairs. He’ll fall in love with someone who makes him feel safe.

9. He Finds Exciting Qualities In Another Woman

A married man may find certain traits or qualities he likes in another lady. Most times, his wife doesn’t have these attributes.

As a result, he finds the woman more attractive, and he likes to spend more time with her. If this goes on, he may fall in love with her eventually.

He starts to have feelings like “he can’t go a day without talking to her; she’s the best thing that has happened to me in a long while, and so much more.” Indeed, it might not be a physical attraction. It’s just the attributes which his wife lacks, but is present in the other lady.

10. For Sex

If you aren’t aware, men love and crave for sex. When they are not having sex, they’re thinking about sex. Occasionally, issues may occur, and some wives put sex on hold.

No doubt, this is a mistake because if another woman comes along and gives your man sex and all the attention he wants, he might take advantage of it.

A lot of married men who indulge in extramarital affairs and have sex with other women may end up falling in love with them. Learn more about men and sex here.


Generally, you may never be able to completely understand why a man cheats (if he ever does), but now you have some insights to refer to.

Most times, men who fall in love with other women don’t do so because they want a prettier or younger woman. It depends on how you make your husband feel. Make him feel like he’s the head of your home, the boss in the bedroom, and he will stay in love with you.

So learn to appreciate your spouse, sort out your issues. No matter how busy you are, remember your partner has needs too. So be creative with spicing up your relationship and grow intimacy in marriage.

However, in the event that you’ve seen a few of these red flags in your life partner and things seem not on track with your marriage. Then I urge you to act and make changes now before issues deteriorate.