10 Signs You Are In A Marriage That Will Last

The 10 Signs You Are In A Marriage That Will Last

It’s amazing how we fall in love with the one whom we want to spend the rest of our lives with. Marriage is a kind of affiliation that is more than giving birth to children or building a home together; the feeling has to continue to ring through.

When you are getting married to someone, it simply means that you are giving the person a place in your heart.

If you want to find out if your marriage will last, then you are in the right place. Read on and discover the ten signs you are in a marriage that will last! 👰💖🤵

The 10 Signs You Are In A Marriage That Will Last

Not a single person goes into marriage with the mindset of breaking up with their partner one day. But a large number of marriages still end up in divorce. Finding a partner is one thing: being able to stay together forever is another thing, and indeed, forever is a really long time.

People say all the time that you’ll never know what may happen tomorrow, which may be right for some things; however, there are still ways you can tell if your marriage will last.

The signs your marriage will last are little essential things that many people may overlook in their marriage. However, if you have them in your marriage, likely you already have the key to forever! Let’s dive into the signs your marriage will last a lifetime below.

#1. You Support Each Other

We all need support, and we all never want to leave someone who supports us, our dreams, ambition, and career if you support your spouse, whether financially, morally or just anything, they tend to be glued to you and become ever loving to you.

Unsuccessful relationships may stem from a lack of support. If you consistently support each other’s goals, dreams, and endeavors, you can take that for a sign your marriage will last.

#2. Have An Individual Career

It’s good for both husband and wife to have something they can do on their own. Have something that keeps you busy and fulfilled. Pursue your career and dream should never be an option at any stage of love.

Have something you really enjoy doing; your partner can be proud of you and show support in their own way. Having your career goal will make you special in your partner’s view. It will also make you a confident and independent woman. And those qualities are the ones that will keep a man interested.

#3. If You Can Hold A Healthy Communication

The importance of healthy communication in your relationship cannot be overemphasized. If your marriage is going to last, you will know by the manner in which you hold a conversation.

As two people in a relationship, you must be able to talk freely with each other; you must be able to say your mind to your partner; also, you must be able to convey every inch of how you feel to them.

And with time, your partner knows exactly how you think and knows what to do even before you bat an eye. So, if your marriage will last, you should start communicating openly and honestly with your partner.

#4. If You Are Friends With Your Partner

A lot of people forget that marriage is beyond being a husband and a wife; you need to be something else other than that. If you and your partner are friends who you share things about each other, then this is a good sign your marriage will last.

When you need to share some good or bad news, if you call your partner first and they do the same; then you are going to hold each other down for a long time. When you are bored and just want to hang out, your partner should be the first person you want to reach out to.

#5. If You Share A Common Hobby

Having a common hobby with your partner is great, like really great. You both can pick a common hobby. And this helps you to get closer to each other. When you have a common interest, you will never run out of things to say to each other. Remember ability to hold a healthy communication is one of the signs your marriage will last?

So it’s a good idea to start a common hobby together. If you find it challenging to do something together, why not try to build your relationship bucket list together. It can be a good ground to get back into your loving and romantic lifestyle. Couples who share a common hobby have a tendency to have a lasting marriage.

#6. If You Play Together

If you and your partner play together, you will always want to stay together. Play makes you happy, and nobody ever wants to leave, who makes them happy.

Engaging in fun and positive activities will get you closer to each other by day. Being goofy and flirty with each other is great if you can play and goof around your partner; then it’s a sign your marriage will last, and you are down with each other forever.

So stop finding excuses not having fun in your relationship, pick up something fun to do today!

#7. If You’re Sexually Attracted To Each Other

The sexual attraction is an essential thing that shouldn’t be lost in a relationship. It’s one of the strong ties of marriage. It’s good for you to be there for each other, it’s great that you can hold healthy conversations and do the rest of the things; however, it is also important that you are wild on the sexual part too.

If you and your partner appeal to each other and you can satisfy each other sexually, then you are going to be doing this for a long time.

#8. You Complement Each Other

One of the principles of marriage is finding someone who complements you. We can’t be all perfect, so it’s good to have someone who can make our imperfections perfect. If your partner’s personality complements yours, it’s a sign your marriage will last.

If you are the kind of person who spends lavishly, but your partner is reasonable about spending; they would always want such a partner around to keep them in check. If your partner is temperamental and can be really explosive while you, on the other hand, is calm, then you two are standing on good ground. Basically, having a partner that keeps you in check is a sign your marriage will last.

#9. If You Prioritize Each Other

Humans tend to prioritize who and what is important to them. If you are important to your partner; and your partner really wants spend a lifetime with you; then they will prioritize you. Understand the #1 reason why your partner doesn’t treat you as a priority here.

You can always have their attention, and they can always devote their little free time to you no matter how busy they get. Attention and how important you make your partner feels are some of the keys to making your marriage last.

If your partner treats you as a priority; then it’s a great sign that your marriage will last.

#10. You Help Each Other To Grow 

This is one of the critical signs that your marriage will last. I am a firm believer that growth is the law of life. Nothing could last without growth. Same applies to a marriage, you may hear many unfortunate stories why couples drifted apart.

One of the top reason is that they can’t share the similar desire, belief or experience anymore. Why? Because one party is growing, but the other one is not. When you stop growing mentally, spiritually or financially, you are building the gap between you and your partner.

Hence it’s essential to focus on personal growth. And if you both are helping each other  become a better version of yourselves; then it’s a great sign that you are in a marriage that will last.


Who says you can’t know what tomorrow holds about your marriage? The above signs are good indications if you are in a marriage that will last.

Don’t be upset if you have not seen many signs in your marriage, and it doesn’t mean that your marriage will not last. It’s only telling you that you should reevaluate your relationship.

It’s important to understand where you both need to improve in your relationship. Remember there is a will, there is way. A forever relationship needs love, effort and understanding; it’s your role and responsibility to make it better every day.

Never focus on the problems that exist in your relationship; instead, looking for solutions. If you realize that you guys no longer play together; then it’s time to plan and do something spontaneous together. Or if you know that you guys have some issue when it comes to communication; then learn to improve it.

The point I want to make here is that every couple can build a lasting relationship, and it takes constant effort to make it lasting.

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