10 Signs Your Male Friend has Feelings for You

10 Signs Your Male Friend has Feelings for You

In heterosexual opposite-sex friendships, it seems that there’s always a possibility that a friendship could blossom into something more. If things have changed between you and your guy-friend, there’ll be some signs that your male friend has feelings for you – you just need to know how to spot them.

We’ve rounded up the subtle and obvious ways that will show you if your male best friend wants to be something more to you. 

Is it inevitable in every heterosexual opposite-sex friendship?

“Men and women can’t be friends” is one of the most contended viewpoints when it comes to relationships. Some research shows that there’s nothing stopping straight men and women from being friends, but things can get complicated when both parties want different things out of the friendship.

On the other hand, some argue that men and women are simply wired differently, so can never be friends. 

Wherever you stand on this topic, the reality is that at some point in your life, you’ll come across a situation like this, where you think to yourself, “Does my guy friend have feelings for me?” If you’re thinking this, then there’s a good chance your guy-friend wants to get out of the friendzone and take the friendship one step further.

But it’s not always clear that that’s what they want. If you look a little closer at the way your guy-friend acts around you and treats you, you’ll be able to see the signs your friend likes you.

Subtle signs your male friend has feelings for you

Firstly, we’ll start with the subtle hints that your male best friend likes you. These could be interpreted as the characteristics of a genuinely close friendship, but they could also be signs your friend likes you. If you recognise more than one or two of these traits in your friendship, paired with some of the obvious signs that we’ll get into later on, then your friend probably has caught feelings for you. 

He has a soft spot for you

If your guy-friend treats you a little better than his other friends, it could mean one of two things: either he sees you as a sister or he like likes you. You’ll be able to tell if he has a soft spot for you because he’ll go the extra mile for you, won’t tease you too much and is always there for you.

He’s invested in your life

Again, this could just be a sign that you’re really close, but if your male best friend is truly invested in your life and wants to be a part of it, it may be because he has romantic interests too. Men are famously not good listeners, so if your guy-friend is, you’re either really lucky or he likes you.  

He opens up to you

A lot of guys struggle to open up emotionally, so if your guy friend does with you, it could be one of the signs that he sees you as more than a friend. It also shows that he’s emotionally invested in you and views you as an important person in his life.

He’s protective of you

When men are protective, it’s because they consider you family or they’re in love with you. So, if your male best friend is willing to fight the creepy guy who came onto you or won’t stop messaging you, it’s for one of those reasons. 

Obvious signs your male friend has feelings for you

The subtle signs your male friend has feelings for you can be misinterpreted or missed quite easily, but that’s not happening with this next list. The following signs are clear indicators that he sees you as more than a friend, and you probably subconsciously already know it. 

You’ve had some sexually charged moments 

It’s natural for us to have a physical connection with our friends – just because you’re friends doesn’t mean you can’t find them attractive. But if this innocent attraction turns into sexual tension, then it’s a sign that he likes you.

Whether it’s a near-miss when you’ve both had one too many to drink, or you find yourselves flirting a lot, it’s a signal that your relationship is edging towards romance.

He doesn’t like anyone you date

This is a tell-tale sign that he likes you. If he finds fault in every person you date, and can’t give a good reason why, then it’s probably because he doesn’t like the thought of you dating anyone other than him. 

He doesn’t talk about his love life in front of you

If he’s keeping a low profile about his dating life and doesn’t speak about who he’s dating, it’s probably because he doesn’t want you to think he’s unavailable. It’s a classic sign that he likes you because he doesn’t want to jeopardise his chances with you. 

His body language is different from other friends

Did you know that over half of communication comes from body language? If you pay attention to how he looks you directly in the eyes, wants to be close to you, and gives you his full attention when you’re together, you’ll see that things have changed. 

Other friends have picked up on it

If your other friends have mentioned anything to you or teased you about your friendship, then chances are that your male friend has got feelings for you. Whether you’re aware of it or not, your friendship is changing if other people can tell too.

He remembers the little things

If your male best friend knows everything about you and remembers the little things, then it’s because he’s invested in you. Men, especially in a platonic relationship, aren’t particularly thoughtful, so if you’re getting special treatment, it’s because he wants more.

What to do if you think your male best friend likes you

If you suspect that your guy-friend has a thing for you, the best thing to do is take action of some kind. If you ignore it, then you can run the risk of ruining the friendship in case he can’t handle the unrequited love, or things becoming awkward if you have to reject him.

Reevaluate your relationship

First up, you should take a hard look at your friendship. Consider if things have changed, and in what ways. Does it change how you look at him? And if he does like you, then you need to take some sort of action if you want to salvage your friendship. 

Do you feel the same way, or see potential in him? Or maybe you know for sure that you just don’t see him that way. Either way, you need to understand your feelings about it before you talk to him. 

Talk to him

Whether you feel the same way or need to let him down gently, the best way to handle a situation like this is to communicate with your guy-friend. If you start to notice signs your male friend has feelings for you, simply lay your cards out on the table and address the fact that you see that things have changed, and then he’ll have a chance to let you know how he feels about you too. 

Take a chance on love

If you’re both on the same page, then why not take a chance and give things a go? You never know, you could have the makings of a power couple! 

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