5 Signs He Doesnt Want You Anymore

5 Signs He Doesn’t Want You Anymore

Let’s face it; love can be a pain sometimes. And it hurts to know that you are no longer needed in your own relationship. And of course, the constant fear of a breakup might keep lingering, but you aren’t sure, or you don’t dare to face reality.

We understand just how painful it can be when the guy you love and want to be with doesn’t want to be with you anymore. Read on and discover the five signs he doesn’t want you anymore.

Actions speak louder than words, and even if he hasn’t said it to you outright that he doesn’t want to be with you anymore, his actions would say it all.

And you might also wonder why he hasn’t just broken off the relationship yet, but we all know how difficult that can be, and even if you want to end a relationship, you would also be scared of hurting your partner. But it never changes how you genuinely feel.

5 Signs He Doesn’t Want You Anymore

Here is a list to give you a hint on signs he doesn’t want you anymore. Also, it provides you foresight of where the relationship stands and what you should do next. And even if you want the relationship to go on, you can’t be in one where both of you are unhappy; the best thing you can do is to talk it out or break it off.

And this is the heartbreaking reality that we know as well. Read on and learn the five signs your man just doesn’t want you anymore.

1. He Is Withdrawing

If you have a partner who told you everything and was open with his feelings towards you, but now he rarely ever talks about his day or his feelings or his thoughts. Then it is one of the signs he doesn’t want you anymore as he is shutting you out.

Now it could be that he has a significant problem and doesn’t know how to talk to you about it, so it’s time for you to engage him to start the conversation. However, if by any chance he insists not to, then it’s a sign that your relationship might soon be coming to an end.

Everyone may go through ups and downs, which may cause a person to shut himself down. However, if you come to notice that this isn’t a phase and it’s what he’s trying to shut out all your efforts, then you can take this as a big sign.

We understand people tend to withdraw from time to time to deal with some issues, but if it takes a long time and he as much as hardly talks to you anymore, he may be wanting out!.

2. He Doesn’t Make Time For You Anymore

If your man no longer makes time for you and doesn’t even feel bad, apologize or make efforts to, then it might be a large sign that he doesn’t want you anymore.

The truth is, no matter how busy we are, we always make out time for people and things we truly love and care about. So no matter how busy might be, making out time, no matter how little, just for you shows he still wants to be with you, and the opposite says otherwise.

A good reason why he may be avoiding you or not making out time for you could be that he doesn’t know how to come to terms to let you know the relationship is over and can’t handle the issue. If you decide planning a date and he always turns it down, it just could be that he doesn’t want you anymore.

3. He Becomes Extremely Selfish In Your Relationship

If a guy started losing interest in something such as this, his behavior would lean more into making himself and only himself happy, therefore developing a series of selfish instances.

He would become a lot more self-centered and do things just for himself while hardly thinking about you. There are so many ways he can become this way, such as in bed, as he would care for only his pleasure and sometimes may not want to give in to your needs. He spends more time at work or studies or with his friends. He never wants to hear your side or your opinion, and if he ever decides to go on a date with you, he never asks for what you’d prefer.

4. He Doesn’t Comfort You In Your Sad Times Or Celebrates With You In Your Happy Times

Someone who is in love will always want to be with you through any emotion you might be experiencing. It doesn’t have to matter if you are sad or happy; they are also expected to be by your side.

No matter how a couple might fight, they are always supportive in good times or bad, and if your partner doesn’t care about that or even as much as comforts you when you are sad, then you might want to take that as a sign he’s not interested in you or your feelings anymore.

Sometimes he doesn’t mind bringing up your regrettable past to hurt you and doesn’t offer a shoulder for you to cry on. It just means your boyfriend doesn’t want you anymore and may just not have enough courage to break up with you completely.

5. He Stops Saying, “I Love You”

Now, if you are a couple used to saying sweet things to each other, you often hear these three words “I Love You,”; but now not anymore; then, you might take it as a sign that he doesn’t want you anymore.

Although those words could seem cheesy to some people, it doesn’t hurt to say and always gives you reassurance in case of any doubt. So if he never tells them to you anymore, it could be because he doesn’t anymore.

Leave Now If he hits you or is mentally abusive

If you love someone, you never want them to be in pain and not the one you caused. And this will never happen to you if you have a good relationship. So if your boyfriend hits you even with saying he loves you and so on, he doesn’t, you should leave immediately.


Although it might be quite challenging to come to terms with this, being in an unhappy relationship would drain you in all ways possible and just mess with your mental health.

So we advise you to gain closure and let him go. You aren’t just setting him free but yourself as well because you deserve to be happy too.

Don’t be upset if any of the above signs sound familiar to you; sometimes, it good to know earlier so that you can take all necessary steps to fix it.