Get Him To Commit By Walking Away

Get Him To Commit By Walking Away

Many women asked me what is the best approach to get a man to commit. In my opinion, there is no surely-fire way to get a man to commit, as every relationship is different. And you should only want a committed relationship with the man if you are sure that he is the one.

Often, women tend to be impatient or desperate when it comes to starting a new relationship; they try to get a man to commit to their relationships after a few dates with the guys. However, doing so usually pushes men away instead of getting them closer.

Did you know that you can get him to commit by walking away? Read on and discover this powerful approach to get him to commit.

How To Get Him To Commit By Walking Away

That particular saying that “You never know what you have until you lose it” is not an understatement. You have to be a strong woman to be able to deal with a lot of drama and heartbreak that your man may give you in your relationship.

So get him to commit by walking away may be quite hard to resort to, but if you understand the power in walking away, then it can be of great help to getting him back and commit to you.

Getting him to commit by walking away requires you to be a vibrant and goal-oriented woman who is not lagging or waiting for man’s validation.

In reality, there is so much power in walking away, much more than you would think. What you want is not a fairy tale.

Demanding commitment from him by walking away is not bad at all. And walking away is a sexy kind of confidence. It is a way of calling out to challenge and living up to what you want.

Many women made many mistakes to get men to commit. As not many women understand what men want in a relationship, and how to win a man’s heart forever.

If you are one of them, don’t despair. And it’s essential to discover the hidden secrets behind this practical approach of getting a man to commit. However, I won’t suggest using this approach when you are dating an emotionally unavailable man.

But be mindful, you must be strong and prepare your mind because there are chances you may lose him too. However, if you are about to walk away, you are certainly going to have, in return, a much loving and committed man to yourself. (can be him or someone better in life)

Read on and discover this powerful and effective approach you can use to get him to commit by walking away.

1. Make Him Miss You

You can’t keep on waiting for him to be committed to your relationship. Give him space by walking away to allow him to realize that he needs you.

The feeling of longing that happens when he misses you can be a way to make him set his mind right. And it is also a great way to make him understand the need to maintain a degree of commitment with you.

When you walk away, you will make him miss the pleasure of having great times together. And it will make him miss the moments when you crack him up.

It will significantly help him to realize that you are indeed a part of his life instead of thinking you are just any girls. And this will drive him to be more committed than he ever was.

No one likes the thought of losing a great thing; don’t mention a great partner.

2. Get Busy With Your Life

Play the “hard to get” game once more. Raise the bar by not always being available every time he calls, texts, or wants to hang out. Pass the message across to him efficiently without being sarcastic or self-absorbed, as you just need to let him know that you are ready to lead your own life and mingle once again.

And you bet he wouldn’t be able to contain this. Hence, it will make his heart flutter, and he will be ready to succumb to your every whim of getting him committed.

Start to get busy hanging out with your family and friends. And it’s a good idea to get back to your long forsaken hobby.

You also can try to work hard and gain more achievements. Just do anything you enjoy and get busy. It shows your man that you can be as challenging as him.

By getting yourself occupied, you are indirectly conveying the message that the universe does not revolve around him. If you have a life of your own, he will be more than happy to get back with you and be committed. Hence, this is one of the relationship advice you must put into practice in your relationship.

3. Make A Man Realize That His Life Is Better With You In It

Get him to commit by walking away is a hard way to show him that his life is better off when you around. As it gives him time to cool down and reflect, it creates an opportunity for him to realize the importance of you.

And the thoughts of losing you will eventually wake him up; he would genuinely want to commit to you from the bottom of his heart. Simply remember that no one can force anyone to do anything without their consent.

Some women tried this approach; however, they failed. Because they got very impatient, they walked away physically, but mentally, their mind has not gone for a second.

So if you are one of them, be mindful, don’t fall into the usual trap. Remind yourself to stay calm, and give your man some time to miss you. Let him miss those midnight-talks about his dream and passion; let him appreciate the little things you helped him. If he’s one, he wouldn’t want to lose a treasure.

Walking away will make him realize that the shoulder he usually cries on is no longer by his side. His best friend is gone. And his caretaker is nowhere around him.

The person he pours his heart out to without restriction is no more available. No man can ever be strong enough to let all of these vanish from his vision.

Then, he will want to crawl back into your life. And you can tell what this means; he won’t let you out of his sight ever again. It’s a great approach to get him to commit by walking away.

4. Make Him Realize You Are Not Tied Down To Him

You chose him because you want to be with him, it is not because you have to. And this is the essential message; every woman should convey to the men they want to develop a loving relationship with.

When your man understands the essence of your message, he should know that he is expected to show a level of commitment to put you at ease. However, if he’s still living in his dream and thinking that you would never leave him as you love him dearly, and hesitates to commit to you. Then you can try this approach to get him to commit by walking away. And it is a great way to salvage your relationship.

The moment you walk away, and he realizes that you have many options, you are with him just because you want to. He will then crawl back to you as this makes him know that you are not tied down to him, and it will be a sort of eye-opener for him.

The confident you show him will pull him closer to you, as it is one of the top things men look for in women.

Probably he feels that you are with him because you have nowhere else to go, so he might not be taking commitments so seriously. And he might have even assumed in his mind that you need him more than he needs you.

You should prove him all wrong by walking away. When you walk away, it will make him realize you are with him by choice, not because you do not have other offers.

Don’t ever appear desperate and needy, as this is one of the reasons why men pull away. So, it is imperative to make him realize you are with him because you understand that you owe your relationship a level of commitment, which he should likewise understand.

5. The Harder The Better

He knows that losing a vibrant and attractive woman like you to commitment issues can cause him an eternal regret. And it gives you a chance to make him work harder for someone as good as you.

If his non-committal attitude hurts you, show him. It’s enough of telling or nagging, time to show him instead. Because telling him won’t make him know what it feels like.

It may turn you into a nagging woman, which you would want to avoid been perceived as thoroughly. So set a standard of commitment for him, if he is not ready, walk away. Don’t be afraid that you are going to lose him, and you are too precious to be downtrodden.

It’s critical to brace up with confidence and become a love magnet. Make him work hard to get you back.


Men tend to learn the hard way. It is not bad for you to make him realize your worth by walking away.

As you don’t have to continue telling him your worth, show him by walking away. If he is your true love, you can get him to commit by walking away. So be ready to walk away and have a happy relationship!