How To Tackle The Mind Games Men Play

How To Tackle The Mind Games Men Play

Dating is amazing, but it can also bring all shades of craziness if the person you’re dating is toying with your head.

Many women have always wanted to know how to tackle mind games men play in relationships. The following tips can be applied by anyone who is seeing someone that is making them lose their mind.

How To Tackle The Mind Games Men Play?

Before reading this article on how to tackle the mind games men play, you should first understand the nine mind games men play in relationships. If you have not read that article yet, read it first before continuing with this article.

1. Recognize The Mind Games

For you to counter something, you need to know what it is. Signs that a man is playing games with you, including showing interest and then recoiling, revealing much charm initially, and then giving you cold shoulders, lying, and offering fake promises.

When a man always cancels your plans, and you find it challenging to get through him, or he is not consistent with the things he’s telling you, then there is a high chance that he is playing with you.

Although some men unconsciously play games because they fear rejection or commitment, others are intentional in doing it because they have no wish to be intimate or they lack empathy.

They see relationships just as a means of building their self-esteem, getting other personal benefits, and only fulfilling their selfish desires.

2. Don’t Date A Guy If You Want A Serious Relationship, But He Doesn’t

Learn how to identify if a guy dates you just for that one thing or he wants to start a serious relationship. Once you spot this type of guy, don’t date him.

Inevitably, he is going to play some sort of mind games with you. A simple way on how to tackle the mind games men play is not get involved in the mind games.

Therefore, it’s imperative to understand what kind of things you want to put out there (online) for men to know about you. Though you state that you want a serious relationship, guys who just want a fling will still message or try to be with you. Then it’s your call if you wish to continue.

3. Move The Relationship Forward

No more endless doubts and questions. If a person is interested in you, he should make sure he is clear on it. Things should move from the first email to a phone call, and then, you both go on a first date.

You guys should have regular dates and frequent calls until you both become exclusive. There should be no guesses.

However, when there is no healthy progression in your relationship, then it might be an indicator that he is playing mind games, or you are simply not meant for each other. Another useful tip for tackling this mind game he is playing is to talk openly or leave it boldly.

4. Pay More Attention To His Actions Because Actions Speak Louder

Although it is a cliche statement, it is indeed very right. A man can flatter you with words when he is with you; however, you should pay more attention to his actions than his words.

Look for someone who shows consistency in his words and actions. Don’t stick around with someone inconsistent. Find someone who respects you, treats you well instead of being with someone who’s manipulating you with his kind words.

5. Listen To Your Intuition

As a woman, your instincts can make you aware of the troublemakers from the start. It is because our primal instincts evolved out of an innate desire to defend ourselves.

We can tell when we are in danger, and we should always be concerned about what happens around us. So listen and trust yourself, and you will know if the guy is only playing games with you.

Sometimes we are just too busy to listen to our inner voice, which will guide us through all the challenging times. And when you know he is playing games; then you should be strong enough to make a wise decision for yourself.

Don’t hide in your own box; be bold to leave this guy unless you wish to play further with him. It is one of the essential tips on how to tackle the mind games men play.

6. Know Your Worth

Women who are vulnerable easily fall prey to guys who play mind games.

People who tend to self-victimized are those with low self-esteem or the ones that have a history of abandonment. And players know how to take advantage of their weaknesses and get them quickly.

If you don’t want to become the victim, then you will need to up your game and start relishing your worth. Start to appreciate yourself, love yourself, and realize that you are unique, and you deserve the best. Learn more about the signs of low self-esteem in women here.

7. Never Show Complacency

If you happen to meet a guy that is treating you without respect and taking you for granted, make sure you call him out.

Don’t lower your respect standards or beliefs just to make him happy. If he keeps on trying to use his tricks to guilt trip you then, he’s a player.

As far as he keeps making unfulfilled, empty promises, he is a player. Recognize it and set your boundaries; this is how you can tackle the mind games men play.

8. Allow The Guys To Prove Themselves

It is not a bad idea to make guys scale through tests by demanding that they make you their priority, care for you, and show acknowledgment. Don’t rush it.

Players who want just to use your head and emotions won’t remain at your side for too long if you’re not giving him what he wants. Make them free enough to display their true colors. And this is one of the practical tips on how to tackle the mind games men play.

A good guy won’t remove anything from you; rather, he will be grateful if you offer anything and value you. It’s also a great tip on how you can make your boyfriend realize your importance.

9. Stop Feeling Guilty

When a guy requests a favor that you can not fulfill for any reason, you don’t have to feel bad about it. Don’t pay him any heed if he begins to say you are mean to him or labels you a bad person.

You have your valid reason to make any decision that’s good for you, so it’s stupid to feel bad about yourself because you can’t please other’s demands. For example, if you can’t have sex or give out your car or visit town with him whenever he wants, then you should not feel guilty about it.

And this should be a primary rule on how to handle a guy that plays mind games. It is a stupid idea to let anyone put you down for asserting yourself and caring more about your needs as far as you’re not looking down on anybody. Here is an interesting article you should read: 2 weird steps to make him feel the love.

10. Rise Above It All

If a person plays games with you, don’t make attempts to get back at him using his games. You may feel at ease for a while, but you’re enabling the pain of the betrayal to linger more than necessary.

A player will not care about your actions and will quickly move on from it to find someone else to victimize.

Channel your energy into healing and moving from toxic situations that the relationship brought. Read more on the five ways to attract quality men here.

Now it’s your turn, time to practice the above tips on how to tackle the mind games men play in relationships.