Signs He Will Cheat Again – How To Tell If Your Partner Will Cheat Again?

How to tell if your man will cheat again? It’s true that not every cheater will cheat again, but a certain percentage of them will repeat it. Learned from my experience, there are no rules you can use to judge if he’ll cheat again.

But there are signs you can look out for to have a more precise outlook for your relationship. If you want to know if your boyfriend or husband will cheat on you again? Read on and discover the five signs he will cheat again.

5 Signs He Will Cheat Again

For this topic, I have my personal story to share with you. And you’ll also learn the five critical signs he will cheat again.

I was with Thomas for two years and then I found out that he cheated on me. It’s embarrassing to admit and it may sound cliché, but I did discover the truth by checking his phone when he was having a shower.

It was a terrible experience; I found threads of message communications between him and other girls, (not only one apparently). And I was so disgusted by those messages and felt devastated. I still remembered that I couldn’t believe that Thomas was that kind of person.

The reality just hit me like a wrecking ball, I couldn’t even breath. I checked his phone as I sensed something not so right, but I didn’t have the thought that he had cheated on me.

I confronted him after his shower, shouting, crying…Never saw the insanity side of myself.

He tried to explain but I didn’t want to hear anything anymore. I chased him out of the house and tried to calm myself down…

Two weeks later, we were back together.

If you are curious about the reasons, here were the two reasons (now seem silly): one, I was convinced by his sincerity; second reason, I didn’t want to LOSE to other girls, I couldn’t accept the fact as I believed I should be the most important woman in his heart…

Let’s pause here, and put a questions mark on if he will cheat again? I hope you will never be in such a situation. Unfortunately, if you are, don’t despair.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Those things can’t We will learn and grow better. I guess many women want to know why men cheat, right?

Why Men Cheat?

If you google this question, you will get hundreds of reasons why men cheat?

There are common reasons you may hear before, such as sex, no emotional connection or companionship; need more challenge or him eager to seek admiration or affirmation; or in a toxic relationship and so on and on.

I once heard that if your partner cheated on you is not about his personality but his reaction to certain situations in life. 

For my case, I did a serious self-check after he cheated on me. I know that I am not perfect, but I really couldn’t find any issues with myself and our relationship that could trigger him to be unfaithful.

And I also didn’t notice or sense any unhappiness or dissatisfactions when we were together. We spent quality time together and shared our common goals in life. Done the things many relationship experts suggest couples do. And he always treated me as a priority in his life.

Funny right! And I never thought he would ever do that to me. But my gut feeling told me that things were not as good as it seemed to be that provoked me to check on him.

So it’s very important to listen to your heart…

Regardless of the reasons for his cheating. Here is the belief you need to have in you:

It’s not your fault that your boyfriend or husband is cheating. His unfaithful behavior is not the fair reflection of your own greatness, attractiveness and intelligence.”

I have my own reservation on the common reactions people have when they heard men are cheating. They easily come to the conclusion that it is the girlfriend or wife’s problem.

But in fact, it is not true. A loving and lasting relationship requires both parties’ attention, devotion and efforts. So don’t blindly believe that and blame yourself for not being GOOD ENOUGH!

Don’t make yourself take all the responsibilities of your man’s cheating behaviors. Because this will make you feel guilty and you will try to tolerate your partner as much as possible to compensate for your imperfection.

But it’s such a silly idea, you must get rid of your mind. Being confident and having the drive to be better is essential for one’s own happiness as well as for a fulfilling relationship. You can also read an insightful post on how to be irresistible to men here.

Here also comes to another problem, if you dearly in love with your boyfriend or husband, you will want to give him a second chance right? But the issue here is how you can be sure that he won’t cheat again? So it’s vital to learn the signs he will cheat again.

5 Signs He Will Cheat Again

Well, now let’s now dive into the 5 signs he will cheat again.

1. Your gut feeling tells you he will cheat again

Trust your gut feeling or your intuition. If your gut feeling tells you he will, then it is one the unspoken signs he will cheat again. Your gut feeling or intuition is really powerful. They will tell you the things your mind or your heart can’t pick up.

It is normal to feel more sensitive and insecure when you just got back with your boyfriend or husband who cheated on you. However, your intuition is different from those feelings of insecurity.

It is hard to describe in words, but most of us do have great intuition and most of the time they are correct. Don’t ignore your own gut feeling, it is one of the most important signs he will cheat again.

2. His belief about cheating in a relationship

This point is to examine how your boyfriend and husband think about cheating in a relationship. Finding your partner’s underlying belief about cheating is essential.

It doesn’t matter if he promises or swears to you that he won’t do again if he has a wrong perceived value about cheating. Try to find out the beliefs of your partner, by using the below list of questions and statements.

Belief 1:

Does he think cheating is wrong and unethical? Or he thinks it is fine as long as his girlfriend or wife never found out, so she won’t get hurt?

Belief 2:

Does he think cheating is being disrespectful to his partner? Or he thinks as long as she never confronts him and it is fine?

Belief 3:

Does he think it’s his right to do anything to satisfy his needs or pleasures without taking his partner’s feeling into consideration?

Belief 4:

It’s my life; I can do whatever I want, as long as I never get caught.

Belief 5:

Only I can cheat on my girlfriend or wife, but she can’t do it to me.

If your partner takes the above loosely or even joke about them, then it is not a good sign! As he perceives cheating is a casual thing and not a big deal. Therefore he doesn’t take it seriously in a relationship. Having such a mentality will likely increase the chance to cheat on you again.

3. He blames you for his cheating

When he blames you for his cheating, then it is a red flag you can’t ignore. He can give you all sorts of creative reasons why he cheated. But when he consciously or subconsciously blaming you for his cheating that indicates a potential risk: he will do again.

It is an undeniable fact that nobody is perfect; however, your imperfections should not be the EXCUSE that he uses for his unfaithful actions if he loves you.

Instead of reflecting on his own beliefs or problems, making you take the responsibilities for his wrong behavior is a very immature act.

However, when you guys have open communication and your partner provides you with his constructive feedback about things, which you guys can do to improve your relationship together; including certain modifications about yourself.

Then don’t take this negatively, be open to the suggestions, reflect on your own and take actions if needed.

4. He can’t empathize with you

It is important that your boyfriend or husband who cheated on you before would listen to you and empathize with the pain you have suffered.

No one wants to feel betrayed, as it is the worse feeling you could ever have. It hurts so badly, especially when you were betrayed by the person you love the most.

If he did it unintentionally and he felt incredibly guilty after that; then he’ll be able to empathize with you. And it is a positive sign that he won’t do it again.

However, if he doesn’t care or couldn’t feel how painful and miserable you have gone through; then it’s a dangerous sign that he will cheat again.

If he doesn’t feel the pain, it won’t be a matter for him to do it again. And if he respects you and cares for you, he will not want to hurt you the second time.

But don’t use this as the weapon to punish him for what he has done, don’t bring emotion burdens to him. Otherwise, you will turn your relationship into a toxic one in the long run.

5. He doesn’t learn and improve

I still believe that every person deserves a second chance. But it’s also freaking essential to take the opportunity and make good out it. Your boyfriend or husband should be appreciative of the second chance you gave to him.

If he loves you, respects you and cares for you, he will to learn from his mistakes and do things to improve your relationship willingly. He will be the man of his words!

It doesn’t make any differences if he only promises you with words, but without actions. If you ever found out he’s not making an effort to change for the better or honor his words; then it is one of the signs he will cheat again.

Don’t Ignore The 5 Signs He Will Cheat Again!

Hope this article of 5 signs he will cheat again can offer you some great tips to judge if your partner will cheat on you again. As I always said, each relationship is unique. So use those signs as the guideline, open your eyes and follow your heart and you will find your path.

Always remember that you deserve the best! If he doesn’t respect you, cherish you and love you, he doesn’t deserve your love in return.

Don’t tolerate repeated cheater is the respect you can give to yourself.


If you are curious whether Thomas has cheated on me again? The answer is NO, I was happy that I gave him the second chance, he did prove himself.

Though our relationship didn’t work out eventually, we created great memories together. So it is imperative to keep learning and understand your partner better. Become a love magnet that will make him want to more.

Have effective communication and keep the romance sparks in your relationship are essential to building a healthy long-term relationship.