How To Win A Man’s Heart Forever

When it comes to men, contrary to popular belief that they will only commit when they want to. Most men don’t want to keep testing the waters forever.

At some point, a guy wants someone that will give him a reason to settle down and remain committed. How then do you win a man’s heart? What can you do to keep a man? Here are the nine useful and pragmatic tips on how to win a man’s heart forever.

How To Win A Man’s Heart Forever

It is a myth many women think that men are unwilling to commit. And the truth is that most men want to commit to their women, they are just looking for ‘the things’ to convince themselves.

How to win a man’s heart can be challenging, but it is not as tricky as many women, though. We have nine useful tips here for you; if you can apply them correctly, you will realize that how to win a man’s heart is achievable.

1. Be independent

There is more to winning a guy’s heart than good looks. Every mature guy wants an independent woman. They want women who have and are capable of achieving great things, meanwhile who can inspire them to do the same. Therefore, confidence is one of the top things men look for in a woman.

Men don’t wish to have women who are overly strong and independent. Instead, they want a woman that can take care of herself and also has time and space in her life for a real relationship.

In my opinion, it’s essential to balance your own life and your relationship as it will make a man feel that you are an independent woman, but also a woman who is seeking ‘protection’ from him. (Please don’t take the protection as protection here, the idea is to trigger his Hero Instinct.)

Also, a real man desires a woman that offers him some level of challenge. He wants to see that look in your eyes when you talk about your purposes and passions.

And he wants to be able to hold meaningful discussions with you about your career as well as his. It’s not about having flippant and playful talks all the time. Being independent is a great way to go.

2. Be fun and playful

It is often stated that within every guy, there is a playful kid craving to come out. And this is an absolute fact. To get a guy’s heart, afford yourself time to be fun and playful.

Guys want a girl they can have fun with while hanging out with friends. Do crazy fun things that will make him laugh. You can watch his favorite sport or play competitive games together.

If you know nothing about his favorite sport, find out enough to hold a reasonable conversation. And this might require you to go out of your comfort zone, but isn’t that what love truly is?

The important thing here is to be spontaneous. Excitement is a sure way to get your man’s heart pumping and to make him want to spend more time with you.

To him, you are a breath of fresh air. Every man loves a happy place.

3. Be crazy about him

A man needs to know that you long and yearn for him. He needs to know you are passionate about him and desire him much.

A great way to express this is to be feminine and soft. Send him notes during the day, give him sexy looks and infuse a little bit of hide-and-seek game into your time together.

When you are not together, show that you miss him. Send him sweet messages and pictures.

A warning caution here, do be mindful of the difference between expressing your love to him and being clingy. Every man wants to feel love and belonging, so it is essential to show your appreciation, but not to the extent he would feel being controlled.

4. Cook for him

Every man loves a sexy cook. One of the useful tips on how to win a man’s heart forever is to cook for him. And it will be even better if you can prepare fantastic meals.

There is a saying that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Cook him his favorite meals if you can; if you don’t know how to cook, learn some simple dishes.

You will make him feel home when you can cook for him, even if he doesn’t ask. And this also shows that you care about the things he loves. It also proves that you are willing to put in the work to make him happy. You can also invite him to the kitchen so you can cook together. And it is a great way to bond and spend quality time together.

5. Surprise him with gifts

Everyone loves a thoughtful present. Surprise your man with little presents from time to time. A sweet and thoughtful gift is a way of saying, ‘I think of you, and this is my way of showing it.’

You do not have to wait until a birthday or special event. Gifts given on every other day demonstrates kindness and pure thoughtfulness.

6. Show that you respect him

I can’t emphasize the importance of this point enough. Respect is one of the things every man needs. And it’s the key to how to win a man’s heart forever!

Men battle with little insecurities within themselves. When you demonstrate respect for him is a way to let yourself into his heart. Speak words of encouragement often. Tell him how good he is at his work or at the things he is doing.

Speak words that will encourage him to do better. Tell him often how proud you are of the things he does. Don’t worry if you don’t know what to say to make him feel loved, here are the nine sweet things you can say to him.

When he has a new project, be a great cheerleader, and offer him your support. To show respect, be willing to apologize when you are wrong. And this shows that you respect him, his character, and your relationship. A man is more willing to commit to a lady that genuinely respects him.

7. Hangout with his friends and family

Who says men don’t gossip? Men also talk among themselves. If your man’s friends have a wrong impression about you, your man will get that.

Many women ignore an excellent way to capture a guy’s heart is to be good and kind to his friends. Ask him about his closest buddies and organize outings together. When you hang out with his friends, you can also learn about the real him. His friends are significant to him, and they should be important to you too.

Make his friends love you by demonstrating a warm and welcoming feeling when together. His family is also critical, so it’s advisable to go out of your way to be kind to them. Remember their birthdays and special events.

Encourage your man to spend time with them and celebrate special events with them. If your man’s friends and family love you, you are already on your way to having his heart forever. Don’t underestimate this tip on how to win a man’s heart.

8. Be trustworthy

One of the critical tips on how to win a man’s heart is being trustworthy. A man will be more willing to love you if you are reliable, and this is also the key to win a man’s heart. He needs to feel safe with you. And he knows that he can trust you with secrets and past mistakes and trust you to keep it dear.

Be the one that doesn’t hold on to offenses and grudges. A man should trust you to be honest. He needs to be assured of the fact that you will stand up for him in any situation.

A man should be able to trust you with sensitive information and feel safe. You shouldn’t be an angry, bitter person that is quick to burst out in angry words. What matters to a man is how trustworthy you are.

How to win a man’s heart forever becomes earlier if you do apply this powerful tip!

9. Give him space

I know, this is the mistake many women are aware of but still making. The best way to push a man away is to become too clingy.

Every guy loves a woman that pays attention and still gives him needed freedom. Don’t be too available for your man, as you need to have your own life and space also. Give him time to hang out with his friends and do other things. Even his friends will love this about you.

I know you may want to spend more time with him, but not a good idea to be sticky. Let him do the things he wants to do and give them enough space to enjoy his freedom. Indirectly you are giving him time to miss you.

And he will want to spend more time with you. However, when you are always available, there is no time for him to miss and crave you.

How to win a man’s heart is not that difficult right? It’s essential to understand your partner’s needs and wants and spare your kind thoughts for him.

Don’t fall into the trap that you have to be a particular type of woman to be appealing to your man. You can discover the secrets on how to be more irresistible to men here.

In conclusion, love yourself, be yourself. Respect your partner and be kind to him. Also, don’t forget to create some surprises and challenges for him from time to time.

It doesn’t need to be grand gestures, even little magic phrases you can use to delight his heart too.

Keep Learning

Don’t just stay where you are; it’s essential to get more perspective and increase the awareness of yourself and your partner. And you’ll realize that capture a man’s heart can be easy too.