When To Leave A Relationship? 10 Signs You Cant Miss!

When To Leave A Relationship? 10 Signs You Can’t Miss!

If you can’t enjoy the love and relationship you deserve, then there may be some problems within your relationship.

Don’t panic; use all the practical tips and advice in our blog, and most likely you can enhance your relationship drastically.

Meanwhile, when you are in a relationship, it’s wise to know when the time is right to leave too. You’ll learn when to leave a relationship in this article. Read on.

When To Leave A Relationship

Below are some signs that you should consider making a move:

1. Physical or mental abuse:

This is the definite sign to leave a relationship. If you are in a relationship that your partner is abusing you or brutally maltreating you; then you should leave the relationship. There is a misconception in the minds of many women. They see physical abuse as a sign of strength on the part of the man, and this is not so.

The man is just taking advantage of your vulnerability and attachment to him and using it against you. And, as a matter of fact, you should also report him to the nearest authority. Because he is violating your rights and it is wrong for him to do so.

Physical and mental abuse, abuse happens in many young relationships today, and that is mainly a result of the fact that they did not meet on the basis of love. Instead, it was built based on affection and no time was taken to develop the bond.

And when things start to fall apart, the man sees the situation as an opportunity to display his masochism and the woman ends up being the victim. Learn more on how to get out of an abusive relationship here.

2. Addiction

Be it in a case of gambling, drugs or alcohol, the moment you notice that your partner has become addicted to the point where you no longer have value in the relationship or your well-being is being affected, or they have betrayed your trust, the connection is doomed.

And if they do not have any intention of stopping their addiction because of you; then it’s time to leave your relationship.

If they are not willing to change or they cannot change, you should leave without having any form of remorse. And I am placing much emphasis on this because they have a tendency to guilt trip you.

When you are in a good relationship, you are a partner and not a therapist. By the time you leave them, you’ll realize that you weren’t actually wrong in the first place.

3. Deception

This is one of the vital signs that you should leave a relationship. It is unfortunate that our media outlets are not doing anything right to make lying look abnormal. They make it look like lying is alright in a relationship. The most critical element of every relationship is trust.

Every relationship thrives on trust. If you are afraid of telling the truth, you really should not be in a relationship. You have to be yourself in a relationship. Do you!

And if your partner feels that you are not enough, you should actually leave because you will end up being tolerated. You should not be tolerated. Instead, you should be respected. Respected enough to be told the truth irrespective of how painful it might sound.

4. Cheating

This factor is dependent on your agreement with your man. I mean unless you have a deal to be in an open relationship, cheating is never right. Forgiving a cheating partner is a tough task, and it is usually less complicated if both parties are to blame.

If you look deeply at the situation and you feel like you can forgive him and give him another chance; then you should be ready to let the past be the past.

Although this won’t be easy, it is very possible. However, if, unfortunately, you find yourself with a repeating cheater, he cheats on you again and again; then you should then be sure that leaving is the best option.

Regardless of how painful it might be, you just have to get out of that relationship and have some dignity for yourself. Cheating is one of the things you should consider leaving a relationship.

5. You’ve grown apart

This is a common indicator that you should leave a relationship. With time, you both can actually grow apart. The similarities in interests change, your goals and aspirations change and you’ll just find out that they are not even in the picture. It is very much okay to feel this way.

The problem, however, comes when you think this way and, instead of talking it out with your partner, you start acting up and giving attitudes. However, you must be honest enough to tell them the truth. And be ready because this is the only time when boys are differentiated from men.

Men will react to this maturely while boys will behave like babies. Now, this is not to say that it’s not a painful circumstance, it is, but your partner has to realize that you are doing it for your own safety. Often.

6. Disrespect

Disrespect can come in many forms, but in this case, I am referring to someone mistreating their partner through constant verbal abuse, mind games and degradation. If you’re in a relationship where your partner is the type to put you down, talk down to you, and make a fool of you for the sake of laughter; then it’s time to reconsider your relationship.

Your only move at this point is to put out an ultimatum and demand they instantly stop this disrespectful behavior toward you or you will leave. If they don’t stop, then stop disrespecting yourself by being with a piece of trash like them.

You deserve someone who will respect you and treat you well, and the only way to find them is to walk out that door. Getting disrespectful treatment constantly from your partner gives a valid reason to leave a relationship.

7. Ineffective communication

If you find yourself in a relationship that has poor communication, you should leave because the relationship is bound to fail. Like I said earlier, trust is the basis of all relationships, but how can trust be established if efforts are not even made to communicate? Open up to your partner but ensure that you walk away if you are not getting the right energy.

8. Imbalance

Having an imbalance relationship is a sign that you should leave a relationship. If you happen to notice that there are signs of imbalance in your relationships, you should really think of what you are in. In my opinion, you are not in a relationship; instead, you are in a dictatorship.

Having a healthy relationship means that you both contribute to each other’s growth. There are definitely going to be times when you will need your partner or when your partner is going to need you. If you treat them like they are unique and they do not treat you like you are special, then it’s time to leave. Go to a place where you are appreciated and not tolerated.

9. Ego

The ego is a compelling part of our existence. Are you in a relationship where you realize that it is your ego that is actually telling you to date, someone, you’d never date? It might be because of your loneliness or just to massage your ego; if so, you need to leave the relationship.

I mean, if you continue the relationship, you’ll only end up creating a burden for yourself. And it is effortless to fall as a victim. Usually, the cause of this is infatuation and nothing else. You need to stop and realize that the person knows that you value them more than yourself and will use that fact to manipulate you.

You may have already recognized this to be true. The only way to regain yourself is to get them out; otherwise, you will fall into a relationship that’s based on egotistic struggles.

10. It’s just physical

If the love you both share is only based on the things obtainable because of your material possessions, there an end is sure to come soon. If your partner is always demanding more and putting pressure on you not considering if you are ready or not, then you should leave.

There are many relationships like this. The only thing that’s keeping it standing is the fact the man is enjoying the sex. There is no form of emotional attachment whatsoever; he wants you only for one reason. If you find yourself in such a situation, please leave the relationship as soon as you could.

Hope the above signs give you a good idea on when to leave a relationship. Have a blissful relationship.

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